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Composite Doors in Hainault

Composite doors can make a lasting impression in your Hainault home. Not only do they have an authentic look which calls back to classic design, but they can bring your house into the future with their performance.

Unlike wooden doors, composite doors only use timber in their core. Then, these doors have a blend of materials such as uPVC and GRP to protect it. That means you’ll get a door with authentic timber design, but without the drawbacks.

Wooden doors can be a nightmare to deal with over time. That’s because wood isn’t a weatherproof material, and wind and rain can cause it to fade and crack. After a while, cold air can get in through these gaps, making your whole home colder and less comfortable.

Not only that, but wooden doors need regular repainting and cleaning, and often need repairs after a few short years. Composite doors are much less time-consuming, saving you money over time too.

At Opus, we’re proud to supply The Gallery Collection. This range of composite doors offers stunning durability and security while providing a beautiful design to boot. Because of this, you’ll be able to invest in market-leading composite doors for your home in Hainault.

Also, you won’t only improve the performance of your home. You can also create an entrance with a unique look, with hundreds of RAL colours, finishes and accessories available.

As a result, composite doors can change your home completely. And, with Opus, you can get them for less. We have four decades of experience delivering these doors to homes in Hainault. Not only do we supply leading options, but we have an expert installation team too.

That means you can trust us to complete your job with care and courtesy from commencement to conclusion. Contact us at Opus today!

Benefits of Modern Composite Doors in Hainault


Accredited Security Levels

We know how important your home's safety is. That's why our composite doors have outstanding security, meaning they can keep you and your family safe in Hainault. The doors you'll invest in have Secured By Design (SBD) accreditation and leading hardware to keep intruders out.


Total Weatherproofing

Composite doors are fully weatherproof. They have a blend of materials including uPVC and GRP, which can withstand even the worst conditions. That means these materials will protect the timber core, meaning your doors won't crack and will continue to insulate your home.


Energy Efficient

Thanks to the composite blend, you can also transform the way your home uses energy. A composite door is durable and dense, meaning it'll stop heat from escaping through your entrance. Also, it'll keep cold air out, making your whole home warmer. You could even save on your bills!


Full Customisation

You shouldn't have to settle for an off-the-shelf design for your new doors. So don't. Composite doors from Opus are fully customisable, with endless colours and finishes to choose from. With 12 panel configurations available, you can create a door that achieves your dream look.


Brilliant Soundproofing

Ever get distracted by noise from outside? Composite doors can block it out, meaning you and your family can enjoy a more comfortable home in Hainault without distractions. Your new doors will block sound from wind and rain too, so even bad weather doesn't get in your way.


Low Maintenance

Unlike wooden doors, composite doors are low-maintenance. Their durable blend of materials means they can perform for decades, without you having to repaint or revarnish them. That means you can enjoy your doors without worrying about them, and they can last you a lifetime.

Why Choose Opus for Composite Doors in Hainault?

If you want to invest in composite doors in Hainault, Opus is the ideal choice. As an installer, we have over forty years of experience, making us one of the most qualified companies in Britain.

We take pride in our service too, and we never leave a job unfinished. Our experienced installation team will work around your schedule, and install your new composite doors with care and courtesy.

You can be sure we test all of our doors thoroughly before they get to your home as well. We check every component, so you don’t have to check them when they break. Instead, your doors will perform for years to come without worry. And, even if they do, we offer a comprehensive ten-year guarantee.

That way, Opus can make good on your investment, and provide you with unique composite doors that create a lasting impact in your Hainault home.

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Talk to Opus today to install composite doors in your Hainault home!

You can contact us by calling 01708 723 131, and speaking with our friendly team. Not only that, but we can organise an appointment with you so you can come and discuss installing new doors with us in person.

Also, you can take advantage of our online design tool today to get a guideline price for a unique composite door within minutes.

Find out more by getting in touch with Opus today!

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