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We have a stunning range of Ultrasky Roof Lanterns which can enhance your home. Our Roof Lanterns have fewer bars than any other system which gives you the ability to choose the best design for you. These are a great addition to any flat roof system, house extension or orangery.

Our Roof Lantern range is the perfect addition to any style of home, whether you have a modern or traditional style of property this will be a stunning way to enhance your home. Even though our system has a minimalist design, they do not skimp on performance. Fully weather-tested, our Roof Lanterns are the sturdiest on the market, with durable gaskets and a triple layer storm shield.

You can even design a Roof Lantern that is bespoke to you, choose from the number of frame bars, colour, materials and size to create the perfect addition to your home. We can match the colour of your Roof Lantern to match the existing windows and doors of your property!

Our Roof Lanterns have been designed to have a quick installation too. There is no cutting or drilling required, and with fewer bars, it makes the process quicker too! The fast assembly time gives you the peace of mind that the installation is a stress-free and simple process.

Get in touch with our expert team today on 01708 723 131 and we will be on hand to help you with all your design questions and queries!

Ultrasky Roof Lantern Essex

Benefits of a Roof Lantern

Increased Light

Our Roof Lanterns are a great, modern way to add light to your room. They create a bright space for you and your family to enjoy throughout the year! Perfect for framing a centrepiece to your room, whether that’s a breakfast bar or dining room table!

Thermally Efficient

Our Roof Lanterns have been designed so you have excellent levels of thermal efficiency. This means you will be able to enjoy your orangery or house extension throughout the year, creating a warm and cosy living space for you and your family.

Bespoke Design

Our Roof Lanterns can be designed to match the needs of you and your home! Choose from a range of colours, uPVC or Aluminium and the number of frame bars you want to create your Roof Lantern. Beautifully aesthetic with great performance!

What is a Roof Lantern?

A Roof Lantern is a smaller, rectangular lantern that can sit on top of any flat roof. They help to create a bright space in your home and are the perfect addition to any contemporary or modern home. This is also similar to a Lantern Roof, which is a larger lantern that takes up the whole roof.

Why Choose our Lantern Roofs?

Our Lantern Roofs have been manufacturers by market leaders in the industry, Ultraframe, their cutting edge design means their Lantern Roofs are some of the best on the market. Their long-lasting strength and durability gives you the peace of mind you are getting a robust addition to your home. They have been fully weather tested against strong winds, and have a built-in triple-layer storm shield for added protection.

The Roof Lantern is also designed to be thermally efficient and when installed, gives a U-Value of 1.1. The structural integrity of the Roof Lantern means you also get outstanding levels of heat retention which also means you will not suffer from condensation!

The uninterrupted sightlines deliver outstanding aesthetics, both internally and externally to your home. The more glazing your Roof Lantern has, the more light and perception of space you can give your property. Built to last, the durable design means your Lantern will not crack, rot, warp or discolour.

Roof Lantern Prices Essex

Roof Lantern Prices Essex

Our Roof Lanterns are a stunning and great addition to any Essex home! Create a bright, stunning living space that you can enjoy whatever the weather.

Give our team a call on 01708 723 131 or fill out our online contact form and a member of our team will be on hand to help you! We understand that you might be a busy bee too, why not book an appointment at a time that suits you to pop down to our showroom and have a chat about all your home improvement needs.

Roof Lanterns Romford

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