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Flat Roofs in Romford and Essex

Enhance your flat roof and improve its performance with a Sarnafil membrane from Opus Windows. The Sarnafil membrane cannot rot, crack or shrink, and is incredibly durable.

Many homeowners in Romford and Essex find that maintaining a flat roof is a time consuming, expensive and repetitive problem.

We offer the perfect solution to your flat roof dilemma; Sarnafil membranes are exceptional due to their inability to rot, crack, shrink or permit root growth. They are so impressive that they can be installed in any weather all year round.

Exceptional Life Expectancy

Sarnafil flat roofs have a life expectancy in excess of 30 years once laid, offering you an incredibly long lasting flat roof solution. In addition to this, a Sarnafil roof is a maintenance free roof, enabling you to truly benefit from a cost effective solution.


Flat Roof Construction

A traditionally constructed flat roof consists of timber decking fixed to roof joists and then covered with green mineral felt or grey felt with stone chippings. In the summer sun they are prone to blistering. These blisters can harden and then in winter become brittle and crack and that’s when the problems start. Water can seep through and damage the roof below, as well as leak into your home.

Sarnafil Solution

A Sarnafil flat roof resolves the problem of traditional flat roof construction because a Sarnafil membrane cannot rot, crack or shrink. Roots cannot take growth and the proprietary membrane is resistant to airborne chemicals.

They have an innovative and highly advanced Titanium Dioxide covering which makes the surface extremely durable and creates solar reflective properties which help to stabilise temperatures inside the room below.

Sarnafil flat roof membranes are certified by the British Board of Agrément (BBA), come with an expected life performance of more than 30 years and have an insurance-backed guarantee.


Sarnafil flat roof systems can only be installed by technicians trained by Sarnafil Ltd at their own training centre. As accredited fitters, Opus installation experts can solve your flat roof problems for decades to come.



Flat Roof Prices in Romford and Essex

We offer incredibly competitive flat roof prices to our customers in Romford and Essex. Contact us to find out more about the incredible Sarnafil roof membranes that will enhance your home.

Our helpful and highly trained team will also be able to provide you with a free, no obligation flat roof quote. Why not give us a call today, and find out more about how we can improve the performance of your flat roof or visit our showroom to discuss your requirements in person.

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